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Ukrainian Railways predicts an increase in the level of containerization of goods transported by rail, from 1-2% to 15%

Ukrainian Railways predicts an increase in the level of containerization of goods transported by rail, from 1-2% to 15%

The level of containerization of goods transported by rail in Ukraine has significant growth potential, and in three years it can grow from 1-2% to 15%, said Edvin, Executive Director of the Liski Transport Service Center branch of Ukrzaliznytsia JSC Berzins in an interview with Mintrans. “For a state like Ukraine, this is very little. If we talk about the countries of the European Union, then 45% of cargoes are transported in containers, and this figure is growing. Today, almost any product can be transported in containers. In Ukraine, within two or three years, it is possible to increase the share of container traffic to 15%, ”he stressed.

Speaking at the V International Conference "Railways of Ukraine: Development and Investments", E. Berzins emphasized the importance of realizing the own multimodal potential of Ukrzaliznytsia and Ukraine as a whole, the press service of UZ reports. He noted that today there is almost no multimodal communication between Ukraine and the European Union, and the share of container traffic within the country is very low. At the same time, the EU countries are covered by an extensive network of multimodal corridors and terminals, and the share of container traffic reaches 45%. “That is why Ukrzaliznytsia considers it necessary to take a number of steps to realize the country's multimodal potential together with shipping lines, terminal operators, forwarders, shippers and large industrial manufacturers,” Berzins emphasized.

Among these steps, he named the expansion of the network of Ukrzaliznytsia terminals, including with the attraction of private investment; conclusion of contracts with global logistics operators, in particular, those represented on the Ukrainian market - DHL, Maersk, COSCO and others.

Also E. Berzins considers it necessary to restore work on piggyback transportation in the direction of Ukraine - EU, as there is a need in the market to organize the transportation of semi-trailers without tractors and driver escort; creation of a national office for the implementation of multimodal services and foreign representations for the sale of complex multimodal services. "The most effective use of stable contractual relations with transport and forwarding companies, manufacturers and shippers in the domestic and international markets will significantly strengthen the competitive positions of Ukrzaliznytsia and Ukraine as a whole in the international transport market, which will positively affect all participants in the cargo transportation process," the executive director summed up branch "Center of Transport Service" Liski ".

According to E. Berzins, to ensure the development of container traffic, it is necessary to jointly work with the government, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukrzaliznytsia, and customs. “We are preparing a proposal for the ministry to unify customs regulations. For example, so that the truck and the platform are assessed as one, and the price is the same. We need a working electronic document flow. Ideally, the system should be made by analogy with passenger transportation, that is, the shipper just needs to choose the direction in which the cargo will follow, select the desired container and departure date, press the electronic button in the program. I would like the process to be as simple and transparent as possible. Such systems already exist on the international market, ”he said. The head of the CFTS Liski also noted the importance of creating logistics hubs. “The creation of dry ports-hubs is an important point that will help develop container shipping. Private companies have already begun to deal with this, and we can become their partners. Ukraine has a transport development strategy until 2030, and Ukrzaliznytsia has a development strategy until 2023. These documents indicate the need to create such dry ports. Liski's strategy also takes these points into account. How this will happen - at the expense of private capital or other financial resources - is another question. We are now working out a roadmap for the development of such terminals, ”said E. Berzins. In addition, he noted that new routes Turkey - Ukraine - Poland and Turkey - Ukraine - Germany are currently being developed. “We will open the Istanbul-Gdansk route soon. It is important for this to create uniform conditions for shippers. We want to develop a route through the Black Sea to Georgia, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan. Ukraine can take part of the transit that goes to India - these are ambitious plans, but real, ”Berzins stressed.